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In this blog post you will learn how to easily change the Search Method in SAP MDG.

I have a Master Data Management background and train to master the MDG tool to make it usable for my customers.

When I first had to change the Search Method, I ran into some dead ends, and you, dear reader, should be spared that. That is why I have created this blog entry for those who have a basic knowledge of MDG customizing but have never made this kind of change.

Let's start!

In the following case I change the Search Method "Database Search" to "HANA Search".

The steps listed are similar for business partners and materials.

Open "Technical Help".

Now open Component Configuration.

Click on "Where-Used list". The Application Configuration in the picture above shows you which Floorplan Configuration you need to choose.

The next step begins in the "Main Page" area. The Search Method is located on the "Initial Page".

Now click on the wrench of the Search UIBB.

Now open Feeder Class Parameters.

Change the Search Mode and the Incl.SearchHelp (below a short explanation how to insert the correct values) to the required one.

Note - if you just enter a Search Mode HA and leave Incl.SearchHelp blank, you will get a blank entry in the Search Method field.

Press OK, test the changes and don't forget to save.

Now you have preset the Search Method to "HANA Search".


Where to find Search Mode and Incl.SearchHelp

Start here:

MDGIMG/General Settings/Data Quality and Search/Define Search Applications

If you enter the section you have an overview of all available Search Modes


Mark the required line and enter "Allocation of Search Help to Search Applications". Now you get an overview of all available Included search helps.

You can find the matching values for you Application Configuration here: Set Up SAP HANA Search | SAP Help Portal


It is very easy to change the search setting in the MDG.

Post your feedback and thoughts on the article!


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