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Updated on November 22, 2019

Recently we upgraded our SAP PI system to Support pack stack 25 and AXIS stopped working.

After some research found SAP note 2616936 - Axis adapter returns the complete SOAP envelope instead of SOAP Body Child element


1776204 - NoClassDefFoundError: org/apache/axis/description/OperationDesc - during message processing with AXIS adapter


This is required to add serializer.jar and wsdl4j.jar file in to package.

I am updating this document with new information

Tool and Files Require:

Download “sdaMakerTool.jar” from SAP note below:

1028961 - How to prepare axisproviderlib.sda for Adapter Framework


Extract the files required an put them in to one folder as shown below


JAR Files folder


Creating Installation File:

Run sdaMakerTool.jar which you have downloaded from SAP note previously

Select PI version you need from list

Select – Don’t use SAP XI 3RD PARTY SCA and confirm OK

Select Jar File directory previously created

You will see file loaded as below and also provide output folder


Press Start button

You have SDA file created as below


Now you will see there is output file created as shown below





Installation Process

Note: Before you run SUM tool some parameter files needed to be changed as below


Open file at location X:\usr\sap\SID\SUM\sdt\param\jspm_config and add following parameters at the end of the file...


/jspm/deployVersionRule = updateAll
/jspm/forceMode = true


Start SUM tool for installation


Continue with installation and provide manually prepared directory – where you have copy SDA file

Continue with installation


Verify installation package as below

Continue installation till installation finish


Verify installed component



BEFORE Installation

AFTER Installation completed

SAP Note Referance

1039369 - FAQ XI Axis Adapter

1028961 - How to prepare axisproviderlib.sda for Adapter Framework


Thank you for reading

Yogesh Patel


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