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When you have installed Solution Manager 7.2 and need to patch the system, there's a small hack how to calculate the patch without having to configure LMDB first.

First, you need to configure SLD - just call http://<server name>:5<instance>00/sld -> Administration and execute initial setup.

After that, you just have to send SLD data - in ABAP, call RZ70 and choose execute. In J2EE, call NWA and create the needed HTTP connections (SLD_Client and SLD_DataSupplier), then start SLD Data Supplier.

When done, you can export the systems in SLD -> Administration -> Export -> Incremental Export -> All CIM instances. You can import the file into any Solution Manager SLD, create LMDB systems and calculate the patch.

If your systems don't have a license yet or your Solution Manager doesn't have a installation number connected to SMP, just edit the installation number and enter any installation number (for ABAP, you have to edit it in SLD).

Please note that you have to exchange the Installation number in stack.xml, if you have manipulated it in SLD/LMDB. You can enter INITIAL if you haven't installed a license yet.


(Will add screenshots later...)
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