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Hi All,

This blog focuses on moving/ transporting newly generated apps using "Manage KPIs and Reports" to another client or system. It covers Activating standard app, Links to generating new apps, Links to setting up and using key User extensibility, LRep - Layered Repository and other stuff I came across while solving App Descriptor Error in Frontend. 


The Manage KPIs and Reports app is a single platform ( Based on #LCNC - Low Code / No Code ) for creating all analytical applications using KPIs, reports, and storie

You can create applications that can be launched directly from SAP Fiori launchpad. 

Activate the Standard App : Manage KPIs and Reports

Link to Fiori Apps Reference Library : Fiori App(F2814)

Active SICF Node ( for Fiori App )


Path : /sap/bc/ui5_ui5/sap/analyticsdts1

Register OData Service in /IWFND/MAINT_SERVICE:  


Create a Role for below two fiori objects for your User ID in PFCG : 

Business Catalog : SAP_CA_BC_SSB

Business Group : SAP_CA_BCG_SSB

Check This Blog to Activate any Standard Fiori App ( 1 or Multiple Apps ) 

Create a new App using Manage KPIs and Reports: 


  • Pre Req : Create / Use a CDS based datasource 
  • Create KPI Group and KPI
  • Create a Generic drill-down report
  • Generate an app ( / Tile )

I found a really good blog and you can follow the same to create an app

Notes before you start following below blog:

1. Make sure that you capture each and everything in a package and transport. Do not use Local package.

2. Register OData service created by CDS Views or Queries in Key User Tool : Custom CDS views and Analytical Queries Apps

3. Do not forget the App Settings : Add Package, Customising and Workbench transports for the app ( from profile icon, App Settings. Once you are inside the Manage KPIs and Reports app, this option will be visible )

Detailed Blog on : Create Generic Drilldown Report with Manage KPIs and Reports


Creating app will make an entry for a tile with ID as<id> in given Catalog. Ask Security consultant to add the catalog in a role and assign it to your ID. 

It generates LRep ( Layered Repository ) Objects. Path is Customer > AlP > Report. The layered repository stores the logical information for the changes that shall be applied to the original entity in a JSON-based file ( Manifest ). This Manifest.JSON File contains App ID which gets stored in the catalog entry. If this is not captured in a transport, it will lead to App Descriptor not found error in another client.

Transport the new App

Pre Requisite : ( Step 1 and 2 )

Create or use existing Package to capture objects created by any of the Key User tools. By default, it gets stored in a package specified by S_ATO_SETUP tcode. You would want to store it in different package and capture it in a transport.   ( check : how to setup S_ATO_SETUP )

1. For CDS created using Key User Apps. - Configure your Software Package 

Mark your package to capture such objects using Key User Tool : Configure Software Package 

Check blog How to Transport the Extensions created using Fiori App Custom Fields and Logics ( created by any Key User Extensibility Tools ) It contains steps for both the apps ( Config. Software Pkg and Register Ext. )

2. For CDS created using Key User Apps. - Capture the CDS view in a Package and a transport. 

Capture such CDS views or Queries in package and Transport using Key User Tool : Register Extensions for Transport

3. Activate Fiori App(F4369) : ALPS1 Fiori app using SICF.

This app is used as a template and LRep (Layered Repository) objects are created as App variants ( which is nothing but the new app we created just now )

4. Move Customising transport from current client to another client using SCC1. 

Check Below objects in you Customising Requests 

  • Groups
  • KPIs
  • Reports

5. Move Workbench transport to move Client specific App Variants/ LRep objects using SCC1.

Check SAP Note to understand why it is required : 0002901166 : app variants belongs to L repository and are client dependant

Check Below objects in you Workbench Request

  • For CDS Views, There should be below object types in your transport
       Data Definition Language Source
       API Release State of Objects
  • For OData created automatically for CDS views,...
       SAP Gateway Business Suite Enablement - Model
       SAP Gateway Business Suite Enablement - Service
       SAP Gateway Business Suite Enablement -Vocabulary Annotation
  • For OData Service Registration...
       ICF Service
  • Table Entry for moving Custom object from default package to new package,...
    • Table Contents
  • For Newly created Fiori App,...
       App Variant (LRep client-dependent content)
       Fiori Launchpad App Descriptor Item

( If you want to move it to quality system then Release the customising Request and ask it to get it moved. options - STMS_IMPORT in target system, or Solman/Charm/Focused Build whichever way your organisation is using )

Note : If anything is not captured then it will lead to Error in Fiori Launchpad when you try to access the app in different client or different system After Transport Movement.

I faced an error but could not make a sense as it does not tell you what exactly is missing. Instead it would throw below error while trying to access the app.

App Descriptor for id<app-descriptor-id> was not found by
App Index search


I hope this blogs help you move apps created by Manage KPIs and Report app. 



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