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Introduction:- In SuccessFactors one person has multiple dependent information or another table multiple information. when we need multiple dependent information basis on a 'person id' we have to follow these steps.

multiple mappings in CPI, separately mapping dependent information in iflow name is S1ENFP mapping.

we need multiple dependent information based on person id so we have to separately map dependent information and create a new source XSD where we have to connect a row with a person.


dependent information mapping where we connect source XSD and target XSD


we connect a person as a root tag because we collect dependent information based on a person's id.

before message mapping, we created one XSLT mapping where we declare the dependent information path and store the compound Employee tag in one variable.

XSLT mapping where store the root tag in a variable

after that copy the path then we complete the message mapping.

output file

see one person have multiple dependent information.


Here you see the how get multiple dependent information based on person id using these method we have to mapping dependent information part separately.

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