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As par of the ABAP upgrade if you get the below error saying that specific component release is at    level 0 and differes with the level on source system.

Example LOCILERP in this case is showing level 000 but the actual level is 0003

That means your XML is having issues and you need to check in LMDB for that system to make sure the component is listed and if listed then is it showing the current SP level.


1.   1.  Go to LMDB – Product System and check for the component i.e. LOCILERP in our case.

We see in the above screen that there is no SP level showing even though we know that this component is installed in our system.

Please follow the below steps to update the components in your LMDB:

1.   2. Go to Solution Manager System – SMSY. 

2.   3.Product Systems – SAP ERP - <SID> - Software Components as shown below.


YoYou will see the below screen. Make sure all the steps are green i.e. completed without any warnings and errors.

1.  4. Go to LMDB – Product System.  Select Edit button to be in change mode.

2.  5. Select Advanced Button as shown below and select “Resynchronize Technical System from SLD” as shown in the screen shot below  ( Step 1)

3.  6. Select the respective SLD system from the popup as shown in below screen shot ( Step 2)

4.  7. Wait for the results. Make sure all the results are Green as shown below screen shot (Step 3)

1. 8. Select Save button

2. 9. Select Verification Completed as shown on bottom left side in the screen above

3. 10.Run “Execute Verification Check ( Asynchronous)

1. 11.Now go to Software – System components version to see the updated component version.

1. 12. Now generate the new XML to use it during your upgrade.

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