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When the SAP NetWeaver BW system is migrated to an SAP HANA database, all the InfoCubes are not automatically converted to SAP HANA optimized InfoCubes.

The conversion of standard InfoCubes to SAP HANA optimized InfoCubes ensures that the cubes are set up most efficiently for SAP HANA and able to get the performance benefits for data loading and reporting.

How to do this?

Go to Transaction RSMIGRHANADB or the program RSDRI_CONVERT_CUBE_TO_INMEMORY and enter the standard InfoCube that needs to be converted, and click the Execute:

The job is executed in the background as a stored procedure. After the job is finished, the standard InfoCube is converted to an SAP HANA optimized InfoCube where dimension tables are removed, and the master data tables are now directly linked with the F-fact table.

Once InfoCube is Hana Optimized you will see “Square marquee” against it.

Remarks: Please note you have make standard InfoCubes as Hana Optimized manually in each system i.e. Dev, Acceptance and Production. For the moment this conversion feature is not supported under Change and Transport System (CTS).

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