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Hey All,


In this blog post, you will learn how to upload Equipment Long Texts using SAP Data Services. Long text cannot be uploaded using Equipment Master data object in SAP Data Migration Cockpit(Migrate your Data Fiori App in S/4 HANA 2020).


Requirement: Long texts are those texts which are greater in length than a standard short text description. Eg. Equipment long text description. SAP has provided a standard FM CREATE_TEXT.

Solution: The standard FM is not a remote enabled one and therefore cannot be used in SAP Data Services Designer. We can create a wrapper around the FM and create a Z function(E.g. Z_CREATE_LONG_TEXT) as per the ABAP Development standards and then make it remote enabled. You can contact the ABAP developer in your team to create a wrapper around the Standard FM CREATE_TEXT.

Custom Function

Import the Z Function(Z_CREATE_LONG_TEXT)  in SAP Applications Datastore in SAP Data Services Designer. You can now call this function in a query transform.

For the Z_EQUIPMENT_LONG _TEXT function module, the parameters essential are FID, FLANGUAGE, FNAME, SAVE_DIRECT and FFORMAT. The Functional Consultant should first test the data using Test Data directory in SE37 and update the Long text using the Z function. If the long text description for the equipment is getting updated properly then it should also work in SAP Data Services Designer

Import Parameters and Tables


Header Structure

Using a Flat File or Staging table bring the data in the above format for providing input to the Z Function Module in Designer

SAP Data Services Dataflow for loading Long text data

Now Import the Z function and the Schema Out should look like below

NRDM Schema

Define the Input parameters and Click Next

Input Parameters and Table input

Provide the Output Parameters as FLINES

Outpur Parameter

Execute the BODS job and the NRDM Flat table will show the result of the Function call. If AL_RFC_RETCODE is showing as RFC_OK then the Equipment Long text has been successfully loaded in to the S/4 HANA Target System

NRDM Flat table Output


Verify the Long text has been uploaded in IE03 tcode

Equipment_Multilingual Texts


Multilingual Texts Display

Click on Long Text in the Multilingual Texts Display screen and the Equipment Long text will be displayed in a Word editor

Equipment Long Text Window


There you go!! You can now see that all the long text related to Equipment are uploaded successfully as provided in the source data.


I hope you find this blog post useful! Kindly share your comments and remarks if any 🙂



Arun Sasi
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