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It’s a common business requirement to replicate the data for extension fields to different systems. In this blog, I will demonstrate how to add SDK extension field to a standard web service which can then be used by other applications.

Here We have added some extension fields in Customer Extension BO which are needed to be available in customer web service (ManageCustomerIn).

To add extension field to Extension BO we need to follow below steps:


  • Open your solution and click on Add New Item and select the “Extension” and from the list select “Business Object Extension”.

  • Add extension fields in “Business Object Extension” as shown below.


We now have few extension fields created in Extension BO in Cloud Application Studio. If those extension fields are required to be available in standard web service, we need to create “Process Extension Scenario”. Here you need to follow the below steps:


  • Right click on your solution and click on Add New Item and select the “Extension” and from the list select “Process Extension Scenario” as shown below.


  • Click on Add and new pop-up comes up with the details like select “Namespace, Business Object, Node” as shown below.


  • We need to select the checkbox of any service scenario view. After that the extension fields will be available for the webservices. Then click on Ok button to finish this setup.

  • After completing all the above processes. Add the Process Extension Scenario name in “Scenario” annotation before the element name of extension fields as shown below.



  • After that Save and Activate the Extension BO.


Now we can be able to use the updated WSDL file of Customer Extension BO in web service integration. For which we have follow the below steps.

Then go to the Business User work center and download the WSDL file for which you have added the extension fields. Then you need to follow the below steps:

  • Login to C4C using Business user credentials. Navigate as Administrator --> Service Explorer.

  • Select the web service where you have extended the extension fields and download the WSDL file as shown below.

Result Preview:-

After downloaded the WSDL file save it into your system. Then drag and drop the WSDL file to the browser where you can find newly added extension fields.

You can also open the WSDL file through Notepad++ and search for the fields.



After extending the extension fields to the web service you can use those SDK fields in any integration.

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