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To monitor the end-to-end message processing enable the trace before testing.

Trigger the IFLOW using SOAP UI with empty payload.This will initiate the interface and can see the response message sent back to S4Hana Cloud


Message Monitoring in Eclipse.We can see the response coming from on-premise system

Trace log from Web UI


Trace Screen1:

This screen explains the write variables, content modifier and ODATA query. First Request-Reply step


Trace Screen2:

This shows the execution of first message mapping and passing through the SAP Cloud connector and response from on premise system back to IFLOW


Trace Screen3:

This screen shows the response message passing through SAP Cloud connector and execution of response mapping which is message mapping 2 in IFLOW


Trace Screen4:

This screen shows the posting the response message back to S4Hana Cloud which received from On premise system


Cloud Connector Monitoring:

Note: Due to customer sensitive data, SOAP webservice restricted to intranet and hosted in on-premise system. This is the reason for using SAP Cloud Connector and I presume this is the best example of the usage of cloud connector

I have presented all the screen shots and information what I have experienced and learnt. In case if any information is missing, please drop a comment. Part-2

Happy Learning !!!

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