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Recently we thought that integrating BW analysis authorization with BI reports based on universe is just a matter of config / setup SSO between both system. However, it turns out that we have to do some config for the connector at data federation administration tools. We face this issue because at BEx the analysis authorization are working perfectly, but not at the reports that based on universe. Those reports are only work if we didnt set any restriction on customized 0BI_ALL, otherwise it will prompt us an error saying "the SAP BW server reported an RFC error: User does not have authorization for InfoProvider". So, below are the solution that we get from SCN.


1. Login into data federation administration tools. If you cant login, check the ports.

2. Select Connector Configuration > select the Universe > right click and create configuration file.

3. Then change the value for enableAuthorizationsFiltering = true and authorityCheck = true.

4. When enableAuthorizationsFiltering set to true, authorizations filtering is enabled: the connector will ensure that filters are automatically added to satisfy the SAP BI authorizations defined for the current user. Then when authorityCheck set to true, this will make SAP NetWeaver BW checks read authorizations.*

What do you think? Any suggestion? Thanks.


* Data Federation Administration Tools Guide:

** Thanks to ballano that share his experience at BW authorizations for universe connections     



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