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The upgrade management tool is a GUI interface to migrate instances from 3.1 systems to BOE 4 systems.  For Unix users, the easy to use interface is not available as the UMT is only a command line interface.  The following shows the steps to install the UMT using the Windows Server install.  The only change is to remove the condition that the install be run on a server, this does not try to fool the installer that the desktop is a windows server, it just prevents the question from being evaluated.


  • From the SAP Service Marketplace download the files for the Windows Install
  • Extract the files to create the install source
  • Go to directory BusinessObjectsServer_win\dunit\product.businessobjects64-4.0-core-32
  • Edit product.seed.xml to origproduct.seed.xml remove the following lines

<prerequisite id="getWindowsVersionPreReq 2" description="#prereq.WindowsServerVersionPreReqText#" reason="#prereq.WindowsServerVersionPreReqNotOkText#" type="error">

    <action id="CompareVersion">

      <arg name="maxVersion" value=""/>

      <arg name="minVersion" value="6.0"/>

      <arg name="VersionNeedToCompare" value="[$os.version]"/>

      <arg name="Property" value="Windows2008Above"/>

      <arg name="AllowedSuffix" value="Server"/>


    <condition property="Windows2008Above" value="1"/>


  • Save the file
  • Run the installer
  • Only Select the Upgrade Management Tool
  • You need to connect to a running BOE 4 system to run the install


  • Launch the tool
  • Select incremental Upgrade
  • Choose live to live
  • Select some Objects from the BOE 3.1 System
  • Import the objects
  • Logon to the target system and view objecdts


The Upgrade management tools uses the binaries from the SOURCE and TARGET environments to move the objects between the environments, the UMT is only a GUI to make this easier.

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