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First you need to download the latest EBF from SAP Market Place then,

To install the EBF, shut all the services down. Find the desktop icon and left-click Stop Syabse Unwired Platform -> Run as Administrator.

Now open a DOS prompt as a administrator and run the installebf.bat file in the installation directory.


The script ask for the SQL Anywhere database username and password for each of the 4 SQL Anywhere instances configured for the product. Enter dba for the username, and sql for the password.

The script will also ask for the username and password for the Sybase Control Center. Make sure this is the same username and a password you entered when you originally installed the baseline.

The installation also automatically popup some dbisqlc windows to run time sql commands, and then automatically close the windows. Upon completion, the script start up the Syabse Unwired Platform services.

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