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Yesterday bharath.ramamurthy posted AO Precalculation and Scheduling available in SMP (15th Nov 2013)

Step 1 is to download the BIP add-on for scheduling from Service Marketplace. 

Then extract the files on your machine, and select the Setup.  It will do a check as follows:

Click Next

Click Next

Click Next

Click Next

Click Finish

You are prompted to enter the Administrator's password.

It takes a while to install, similar to the BI Platform add-on for SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio.

Once it successfully installs, you can follow the steps for scheduling documents.

Some observations from me:

1) older version workbooks schedule without checking the type of OLAP connection

2) Analysis Office 1.4 workbooks scheduled require an OLAP SSO connection

It is good to see a feature added that was requested by an ASUG Influence Council.

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