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“SAP Host Agent” is required on every SAP system to enable the status of computer systems to be monitored.
SAP Host Agent is an agent that can accomplish several life-cycle management tasks, such as operating system monitoring, database monitoring, system instance control and provisioning.

However, SAP Host Agent is installed automatically during the installation of new SAP system with SAP kernel 7.20 or higher. Sometimes we need to install SAP Host Agent on windows machine manually, or there is a requirement to update it.

Recently, in my environment on one windows host i found SAP Host Agent is missing and we needed this to install again.

In this blog i will share installation steps and later will share steps to "update" SAP Host Agent on windows machine.



-------------------------------------------- INSTALLATION STEPS --------------------------------------------------------


1- Download SAPCAR utility and SAPHostAgent file (.SAP) on windows machine.


to download required files, Goto MarketPlace-- S/W Downloads--SAP Technology Components--SAPCAR--download required SARCAR utility.

MarketPlace-- S/W Downloads--SAP Technology Components--SAPHostAgent--choose windows OS and download required file.


2- Place both files at same location in windows machine (prefer c:/programfiles/SAP/hostcontrol).
Now go to command prompt (windows + R)-

SAPCAR utility.EXE -xvf SAPHOSTAGENT<version>.SAR

For example -

C:\Users\testuser1\SAPHostAgent>SAPCAR_1115-70006231.EXE -xvf SAPHOSTAGENT56_56-80004825.SAR
SAPCAR: processing archive SAPHOSTAGENT56_56-80004825.SAR (version 2.01)
x convertoscolfilter.exe
x hostagent.lst
x hostagent_acknowledgements.txt
x http.monitor.exe
x ldappasswd.exe
x ldapreg.exe
x librfc32.dll
x librfc32.pdb
x libsapacosprep.dll
x libsapdbadactrl.dll
x libsapdbadapwrt.dll
x libsapdbadasql.dll
x libsapdbdb6ctrl.dll
x libsapdbmssctrl.dll
x libsapdbmssctrl.pdb
x libsapdboractrl.dll
x libsapdbsiqctrl.dll
x libsapdbsybctrl.dll
x lssap.exe
x ntconvertoscolfilter.pdb
x nthttpmonitor.pdb
x ntlibsapacosprep.pdb
x ntlibsapdbadactrl.pdb
x ntlibsapdbadapwrt.pdb
x ntlibsapdbadasql.pdb
x ntlibsapdbdb6ctrl.pdb
x ntlibsapdboractrl.pdb
x ntlibsapdbsiqctrl.pdb
x ntlibsapdbsybctrl.pdb
x ntlssap.pdb
x ntsapacosprep.pdb
x ntsapcimb.pdb
x ntsapdbctrl.pdb
x ntsapdsigner.pdb
x ntsaphostctrl.pdb
x ntsaphostexec.pdb
x sapacosprep.exe
x SAPCAR.exe
x sapcimb.exe
x sapcimc.exe
x sapcimc.pdb
x sapcontrol.exe
x sapcontrol.pdb
x sapcpp47.dll
x sapcrypto.dll
x sapcrypto.pdb
x sapdbctrl.exe
x sapdsigner.exe
x sapevents.dll
x sapgenpse.exe
x saphostctrl.exe
x saphostexec.exe
x saphostv.exe
x saphostv.pdb
x saposcol.exe
x saposcol.pdb
x sapstartsrv.exe
x sapstartsrv.pdb
x slcryptokernel.dll
x slcryptokernel.dll.sha256
x sldreg.exe
x xml71d.dll
SAPCAR: 64 file(s) extracted

here SAPCAR is uncared.

3- Now we have to install the host agent as below-

Go to command prompt and run below command.

C:\Users\testuser1\SAPHostAgent>saphostexec.exe -install

as soon as you give above command it will ask you " .\sapadm " password for installation.
provide password here by your own.

This will install host agent in windows machine.

------------------------------------------------------------ END ------------------------------------------------------------------
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