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In this document we will see how to install a language pack in existing SAP BusinessObjects BI Platform 4.0.


As per the installation guide prior to SP05, it was not possible to Add or Remove language packs in a BI 4.0 system.  In SP05 it is possible to add and remove language packs IF and ONLY IF the original full install was from the full BI 4.0 SP04 package (not a patch).

If the original base install of BI 4.0 was FP03 or earlier then it is only possible to remove/add language packs that were installed at the original install time.  This is because these installers do not install the language packages onto the machine that are required to add the languages into Business Objects with the SP05 installer.

Step-by-Step Procedure

Go to Start > Control Panel > Programs and Features, select your product and click Uninstall/Change. Select the Modify option and add or remove languages from the "Choose Langage Packs" screen.



Select the language accordingly.Our case it was French.



     Provide the CMS name as the host name of the CMS Server






SAP Note#1799908 - How do you add or remove a language pack from an existing SAP BusinessObjects BI Platform 4.0 installation?

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