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Recently we had a requirement to understand FIORI Tile Usage in SAP. We wanted to use Google Analytics for this purpose. Since the google Analytics 4 has HTML tags given in there website it was not a straight forward task add the code in compenent.js

Thanks to ChatGPT , I was able to convert the tag to JavaScript for breaking my head for 3 days !

Here are the steps :


Step 1 :  Login to Web IDE - Create a project from Template


Add Project from Template


Step 2 :  Choose FIORI Plugin


Choose FIORI Plugin


Step 3 : Provide Project Name


Provide Project Name


Step 4 : Give  Plugin ID as  and Click on FINISH

Give Plugin ID


Replace the below code in Component.js

// Load Google Analytics asynchronously
// Tracker ID will G-XXXXXXXX

(function (GA_TRACKING_ID) {
const script = document.createElement('script');
script.src = `${GA_TRACKING_ID}`;
script.async = true;
})('G-XXXXXXXX'); // Your Tracker ID will G-XXXXXXXX

], function (Component) {

return Component.extend("", {

metadata: {
"manifest": "json"

init: function () {
window.dataLayer = window.dataLayer || [];
function gtag() {
gtag('js', new Date());
gtag('config', 'G-XXXXXXXX'); // Your Google Tag



Step 5 : Deploy to SAP Gateway as UI5 Reprository


Deploy to Gateway System


Step 6 :  After deploying create a target mapping and tile in a Catalog which all users have access


Create a Tile Target Mapping


Create a Tile


Step 7 : Add the Tile to universal group so that plugin will capture user activities.


Step 8 :  Check your Google Analytics to see the traffic is captured.


Results in Google Analytics are shown below :

As you can see it shows the number of users , demography , event count , Tiles click



Results on Activity in FIORI Launchpad


From this blog we have learnt  to create a SAP FIORI Plugin , add a google tag in FIORI Launchpad , assign plugin to FIORI Catalogs and Groups and view user activity in Google Analytics to get a FIORI Usage Report.


Please provide feedback or ask clarifying questions regarding your content in the comment section
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