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SAP Business Application Studio supports Theia plugins and some VSCode extensions. I have mentioned how to install a Theia plugin here. Basically, there are three options to install a plugin provided by Theia plugin-ext module. In this post, I will document the easiest way to install a VSCode extension.

Prerequisite: You should have the authorization

You should add "Business_Application_Studio_Extension_Deployer" role collection to your account:

Step 1: Obtain the .vsix file

You can download this file from a project's GitHub releases or from a marketplace.

As aelghanamdxc mentioned in the comments below best way to download it seems to be at the moment.

Step 2: Upload the .vsix file to SAP BAS

Drag the .vsix file from your computer to a directory in SAP Business Application Studio:

The extension is uploading:

Ensure that it is uploaded:

Step 3: Learn the absolute path of the .vsix file

Open up a terminal:

You can run these commands in succession to be sure:

Note the directory of the file. Prepare and copy the directory to the clipboard in this format:

Step 4: Start the deployment

View -> Find Command (or just press F1 or Ctrl+Shift+P)

Search for "deploy" and hit enter:

Paste the directory you have copied and hit enter:

The extension should be installed now!

You can also check the JS console of the browser:

Alternatively you can check the plugins pane (View > Plugins) as asaf.bruner mentioned in the comments.

What is the easiest way to remove a plugin? Unfortunately, there is no UI option for that yet. You can remove some plugin folders. But since plugins are installed per Dev Space. The easiest way is to create a new Dev Space and move your project.

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