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What is NOP Aggregation: Basically, this kind of key figures never aggregate (No aggregation).

CP with External SAP HANA View: When you are creating composite provider with “External SAP HANA View” ,if Composite Provider having key figures which are aggregation type “NOP”, at the time of Composite Provider activation it will give warning message and these “NOP” aggregation key figures won’t be appear in “External SAP HANA View”. (You might be planning to use External SAP HANA View in Calculation View or somewhere else)


Warning Message

“Skip key figure 0DSCT_DAYS2: aggregation type NOP not supported”

When you are displaying composite provider data in RSA1, you can able to see data for 0DSCT_DAYS2 key figure however you cannot see 0DSCT_DAYS2 key figure itself in “External SAP HANA View” and this the drawback to overcome this warning message and would like to see this key figure 0DSCT_DAYS2 in “External SAP HANA view”, please perform below steps in Composite Provider

Step 1: Edit Composite provider

Step 2: Go to “Scenario” tab

Step 3: Create assignment or drag & drop key figure in target

Step 4: Select key figure in “Target” and right lick on it.

Step 5: Change “Association With” from “InfoObject” to “Nothing”

Step 6: Activate Composite Provider and you won’t see any warnings

Step 7: Once composite provider activated, you can see all key figures in “External SAP HANA View”


CP without External SAP HANA View: When you add “NOP” aggregation type key figures it won’t generate any warnings.


Thank you.
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