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  Below are the Steps to import the XSD file in BODS 

  • Open the local object library and go to the Formats tab.
  • Right-click XML Schema and click New. The Import XML schema format dialog box opens.

  • In the Format Name box, name the XML Schema.
  • For the File name/URL, click Browse to navigate to the XML schema file and open it.
  • For Namespace, click on the drop down to select the namespace .

  • In the Root element name list, click on the root element.
  • Click OK.
  • The XML schema is imported and we can see it in the local object library.

Some tips to avoid XML parse errors at run-time:

  • The order of the elements in the XML file should have the same order as in XSD.
  • All mandatory fields specified in the XSD must be available in XML File
  • The datatype of the elements in the XML file must match with the specification in XSD
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