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What is NWDI?

SAP NetWeaver Development Infrastructure (NWDI). NWDI provides an infrastructure for developing Java-based applications on SAP NetWeaver and is responsible for versioning, build and the life cycle management of the applications. Its components are:

  • Change Management Service (CMS)

  • Design Time Repository (DTR)

  • Component Build Service (CBS)

  • System Landscape Directory (SLD)

To import any projects into NWDI track, you need to do some initial configuration as follows:

Initial Configuration:

In the Menu, go to Window > Preferences > Development Infrastructure > System Landscape Directory. In the URL field specify the SLD URL of the DI server:


Click on Ping server button to test the connection. “System landscape directory is reachable” message should appear.

Open the Development Configurations perspective.

Click on the Import of Development Configurations button to import a Development Configuration from the DI server.

You will get credentials screen. Put the credentials and there you will see various NWDI tracks. Choose the one where you need to migrate the project.

Migrating projects into above imported NWDI track:

Go to Java EE Perspective in NWDS, Import project in Local Development Component (DC) by navigating File -> Import -> Existing Projects into workspace

Browse the project which you want to import and press Finish.

The imported project can be seen in the left panel of NWDS called "Project Explorer". Remove all the errors from the project by building path or by adding proper jar files required. Build the project.

Right click the project and navigate to Development Component -> Convert Project to Development Component. Select the software component or the NWDI track in which the project needs to be migrated.

In the Project Explorer, the project will also be seen with the name prefixed with NWDI track. Right click on it and build the project again. (Ignore if any errors found in the project at this step)

Now go to Development Infrastructure perspective, on the left side panel called "Component Browser", you will see your component as MYCOMPONENTS.

Right click the project -> Sync / Create Project -> Sync Used DCs. Select all Used DCs and click OK.

Sync status can be seen in Infrastructure Console. Now right click the project and click Add to source control. Now in the “Open Activities” window view on the right side, under “default” activity, the folders will be added.

Now in the Open Activities view, once all the folders will be seen added under default activity, check-in the Activity by right clicking the default activity.

Give appropriate name to the activity as per your project name and click OK.

Your project should be now migrated or imported to the NWDI track.
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