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This is  new type of Master Data InfoProvider  possible in SAP BW 7.4.This characteristic can be used with virtual master data in Virtual Provider.It is possible to use HANA Attribute, Analysis and Calculation Views to create Virtual Master Data in BW.

Steps to Implement

We are trying to create a Virtual Master Data for Employee Master Data from an Attribute view with following structure. Note : Field EMP_ID from Attribute view is of type and size VARCHAR and 4.

Start of creation is exactly same as creating any normal/standard Characteristic InfoObject.Virtual Key Figures cannot be created.

As EMP_ID is of Type and Size VARCHAR and 4 respectively Data Type and Length has been entered exactly of same type and size.

In Master data / text tab, down below select SAP HANA View as Master Data Access. Select SAP HANA Package and SAP HANA View

With Master Data is checked Medium Text is selected.

Now click on Propose HANA-Assignments

Select only those fields under Propose Mapping which needs to be added as attributes.EMP_ID and Name will not be mapped with Attributes so left unchecked.EMP_ID field of HANA View will be mapped with main master data object and Name will be mapped with Medium Text here.

Now a second pop up will request for selecting corresponding BW InfoObjects.System provides options of similar InfoObjects. Select One relevant for each.

Attributes will show now in Attributes tab. These are Assigned BW InfoObjects.To see all HANA field – BW Mapping Assignments and to Map Main Master data Object and Text follow steps as shown next.

Click now on Maintain HANA – Assignments.

Assignment of HANA View Field is not there for Main Master Data Object ZVIRTCH2. We need to add HANA View field EMP_ID for it.Similarly HANA View field NAME will be mapped with Medium Text.

Fields Added.Fields Transferred. Virtual Master Data ZVIRTCH2 Activated .

Right click and Display data shows Data from Attribute view of HANA.

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