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Generally Production Systems come under SOX audit and in some cases Test/Quality Systems.

During the upgrade you will be prompted to provide the DB SYSTEM USER ID and Password.  You have to plan this with help of the DBA's otherwise you will not be able to move beyond the configuration phase untill you fix the issue.

As you can see in the below screen Shot it says " Enter a valid DB systems user which has the "CREATE USER" privilege even though you give the correct ID and password it keeps giving the same message .

Please check the trouble ticket logs or log SHDUSRCRE.LOG in the upgrade directory ( /usr/sap/<SID>/SUM/abap/log) . This will give you the reason for this.

Main reason is Password verification check will be maintained in the database for all the accounts.

For Example  let us take SYSTEM user account. This account will have a parameter called "profile" set to "DEFAULT". 

The DEFAULT profile in turn will have a parameter "password vefiy function" set to "VERIFY".

This is set for all the SOX audit system accounts at database level. Hence you will get the above error message.

DBA's should set the parameter "password verify function" to "NULL" to disable the check so that upgrade can continue but after the upgrade set the parameter back to the way it should be to allow SOX audit.

This needs to be documented for audit purpose.

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