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How to handle Inventory Cube compression and conversion to Hana Optimized Cube on BW/HANA 7.5 for a Scale-Out System


Scenario :

  1. Inventory Info-Cubes still contain uncompressed, delta movement, requests.

  2. Compression doesn’t work anymore after migration to BW on Hana 7.4 for multi-node (scale-out) systems.

  3. Conversion process (RSMIGRHANADB) fails for these Inventory Info-Cubes due to uncompressed requests.

XXXXXX – Inventory InfoCube.

The current state is that the system is already migrated to BW 7.4 on HANA SP10 and the Inventory Info-Cube still contains few uncompressed requests.

These are delta movement requests. No historic movement’s requests.

Although the system is migrated, the Info-Cube is still not converted to HANA-optimized.

We also make sure that this is an Inventory Info-Cube with non-cumulative measures (Key figures):

First attempt to convert to HANA-Optimized Info-Cube:

System issues an error message stating that the Inventory Info-Cube must be fully compressed before the conversion.

Therefore, we attempted to compress the requests in the Info-Cube:

Unfortunately, compression is no longer possible and system issues an information message that

No compression possible for Standard Info-Cubes in scale-out (multi-node) HANA systems:

Searching, we found the SAP Note -1773398 confirming this limitation in a BW on HANA scale-out landscape.

Therefore, even though the job completed successfully, it didn’t compress the request.


Solution :

First, we checked if the entry already exists in the RSADMIN table or not.

To insert the parameter, execute program: SAP_RSADMIN_MAINTAIN

Set the below parameters:


Value ‘X’


Now, we attempted to compress all the requests, one by one, and it completed successfully!

All requests successfully compressed:

Lastly, we attempted to convert the Info-cube to HANA-optimized and it completed successfully !


We checked and found that the InfoCube is now HANA-Optimized:

Conclusion :

The Cube have been converted to Hana optimized cube with all the requests compressed.
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