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                      We use several free characteristics in our reports for drill down purpose. At times, we are forced to use huge no. of drill down chars. It will be cumbersome to view all of them together in a single screen. There are chances for our users to get confused by looking all of them like below.


                  To deal this issue in a better way, I am going to demonstrate on How to group these free chars as per the entity type in WAD by using Navigational Block Web Item.

1.     Open WAD and add different "Navigational Block" items to your web template


2.    If you want to group as per the Header Customer entity type, then click on the Navigational Block Web item from above and specify the Entity name in the Title like below


3.     You can select the required Chars and Nav Attrs in the  in Web Item properties like below.


4.     You can create separate groups with different web items in the above fashion and your users can select the required drill down char from the Nav Block web item in the Portal like below


Note : You can correlate with Dimensions in your cube. But with above steps, you can also add Nav Attrs to the group along with dimension chars. You can create total new groups also without concerning the dimension design in the Cube.

Thanks for reading.

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