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The other week the ASUG Chicago Office and I prepared a webcast to help those who want to present at ASUG Annual Conference 2015, May 5-7 in Orlando, Florida.  This is to help answer the question "why didn't my abstract get accepted?"

Please watch the webcast below, then go to this link to submit your abstract. 

I'll summarize parts of the webcast in the slides below, but please watch the webcast.

Source: ASUG

Who is selecting the abstracts for the ASUG Annual Conference?  It is the ASUG Volunteer Program Committee, composed of ASUG Volunteers.  What does this committee do?  See the following list:

1. Recruit speakers for ASUG Annual Conference

2. Review and rank abstracts

3. Select and schedule abstracts

4. Represent ASUG at ASUG Annual Conference

Source: ASUG

These speaker guidelines apply to SAP, customer, and partner stories

If you are a vendor do not oversell your product or services; answer how does your presentation solve problems

Source: ASUG

The above slide has been covered before, but I will emphasize again that customer stories with customers presenting are highly desired.

Source: ASUG

What resources can be used to help prepare your abstract?  See above slide and below list:

Getting started

Frequently asked questions

Shy? Public Speaking, Oh Please, not for me

Past presentations for ideas

Source: ASUG

ASUG's Lisa Baker composed the above guidelines.  I liked what ASUG's Jennie Moreau said "hit it and quit it" in terms of clarity.

Because areas like BI, BITI and others receive hundreds of abstracts, I encourage you to watch the webcast to make your abstract stand out. 

Submit your story today.


Submit Early, Submit Often for ASUG Annual Conference 2015 - Top 10 Tips to Submit

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