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Getting "Installer has detected a Previous Operation Did Not Complete.Do you want to resume?" error and stuck during BO Server Installation.Many people try to close the current installation ans try to re install the server but still they are unable to start the installation and get the below message.


  • Download SQL Editor from the link given below.

  • Install & Open SQL Lite Editor.

  • Click on FIle and click on Open Database.

  • Go to the Directory where the BO is already installed

  • Open SAP BusinessObjects\Install Data folder

  • Select InstallManifest.sqllite and click Open

  • The below screen will appear

  • Click on Browse Data Tab and select DUTransaction table

  • In the committed field you will observe 0 value.

  • In the right panel you will see Edit Database Cell.Change the value from 0 to 1 and click on Apply.

  • Again go to File Menu and click on Write Changes.

Now you will be able to start BO Uninstall.


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