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  1. Goto table RSZCOMPDIR and give BEx report technical
    name at COMPID field
  2. Execute and take relevant COMPUID as shown in below screenshot


     3.  Go to SE37 Execute function module RSZ_X_QUERY_GET

     4. Pass COMPUID as shown below

    5. Execute or press F8.

    6. Press on table icon as shown in below image.

7. In E_T_MAP structure we can see ELTUID and MAPNAME here ELTUID is UID of variable and MAPNAME is technical name of variable which we see in BEX designer.

8. Take all ELTUID’s and pass to RSZGLOBV table in VARUNIID field and keep VPROCTP value equal to 3 and execute ( 3 means customer exit variables).

9. we can see list of customer exit variables using in a specific BEx report as like below.

So, ZQ_TEST report contain two customer exitvariables

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