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Disclaimer: When performing the actions below, please note, RSPC_CHAIN_ACCESSABLE is not released for customer, and RSA1 not designed for JavaGUI, and so using these techniques is at your own risk.

So thought I would experiment with BW4HANA on the CAL. However, I didn’t get very far.

By default, the RSA1 transaction is set for Network display. Problem with this, is that the Java GUI, does not support Network Display.

Unfortunately, the setting to change to Tree display, is from within RSA1

Solution 1

Go to SE37 - RSPC_CHAIN_ACCESSABLE function module, and put a brake point on the CASE statement below, and change the variable l_s_rsradiomon-chain_accessable from a ‘N’ to a ‘Y’.

This will get you in

But you have to do that every time

Solution 2

Brake an SAP Golden rule (Never update tables manually), by manually update table RSRADIOMON for your user. In the case below, user DEVELOPER.

Update field CHAIN_ACCESSABLE from a ‘N’ to a ‘Y’

Unfortunately there is no SM30 table maintenance, so this will can be done with a little ABAP.
*& Report ZGSTEST
*& CENTIQ environment


where UNAME like 'DEVELOPER'.

Now RSA1 should work

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