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Edit: Please bear in mind that I am currently on a SAP NW 7.4 and therefore not able to test the functionality on BC 6.0 fully, as i don't have a 7.5 ABAP system or the 7.5 UI addon to the NW 7.4.

Hi all,

There have been a few comments lately on how to integrate the fiori launchpad into (NW) BC, guess it is just BC from now on :wink:

In BC 6.0 SAP have added the possibility to use a fiori launchpad connection. While you get a fancy new icon, there isn't much functionality right now, as the navigation bar for example now only can be used for web adresses and not to write transactions. This blog is how you can get the fiori launchpad as well as the full support of BC.

NB: BC 6.0 is still in PL 0, so there is still plenty Cof time to improve this, so brace yourself with patience.

1. Create system variable.

Firstly what we will do is to add a variable link, so we can more easily transport our role between our systems.

Go to transaction SM30_SSM_VAR and create a variable and assign hostname and port to this. In this example i use local.

Pay attention to if you are using a / in the end of the string, this is quite important.

2. Create role and add fiori launchpad

Go to transaction PFCG and create a role. In this role add a folder and then add a web url to this folder. Add the <variable name> from before. (Mine is local) and then the rest of the url to the launchpad. If you have added the / in the string in transaction SM30_SSM_VAR, then it should be without a / between <local> and SAP in the below screenshot.

Afterwards it should look like this.

Add the role to your user.

3. Change BC parameters

Now you need to change the parameters in your BC by going to settings --> Personalize.

Change the value Entry Page to "First Pinned Tab"

Afterwards go back to the BC menu and hold CTRL down while hovering over help, then go to extended supportability --> Clean-Up --> Reload navigation tree from server.

Finally find you newly created folder in your index page and launch the fiori launchpad.

Right-click on the tab and press pin tab.

4. See result

Now logoff and then restart BC and log on to your BC connection (Not the fiori connection). And voilá it should now just open the fiori launchpad as your new "index page". You now have the fiori launchpad, but also the full capability of the BC.

My upcoming blog will show you how to get the fiori search integrated into BC.

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