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In SAP S/4 HANA there are some major change in Simplification. Simplification means getting rid of Redundant Functionality. One of this is the Introduction of Business Partner as Vendor/Customer/Employee. The below blog helps in Generating a Notification when any Business Partner/Vendor/Customer Is changed in SAP S/4HANA



Please go to Transaction Code BP and the search for any BP and follow the below steps in GOS

We get the Business Object of the Business Partner

Now let us go to Transaction Code PFTC to create a Workflow Template

Enter a Name for the Workflow Object starting with Z or Y  as it is custom

Now create a Container Element BP Referencing Business Object

Select Import and Export Flag

Now maintain the Entries below

Now maintain the Event Linkage

Now Activate the Event Linkage

Click on Workflow Builder

Now we right Click and create the Step

Double Click on Send Mail Step

Provide the below information as mentioned below

Provide the email address. I have hardcoded here for simplicity. Ideally you should define a Container element that will be populated programmatically

Now activate the Workflow Template

Now let us test it. We are making a change in the description.

Now let us check the Workflow Overview by following the below step.

Here is Workflow Log




This Tutorial can only be used for SAP S/4HANA. The concept can be used for other Business Process Also.


Below is the video version for Generating Notification for Business Partner Change

Below is the video version for Generating Notification for Purchase Order Change

Below is the video version for SAP Filter Change for Business Partner Notification
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