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Dear SAP Community,

there is certain error that occurs when you try to transport a process chain from a development- to production-system. Unfortunately, the error message does not help when searching for a solution.

Error Message:

"RS_RSPC_AFTER_IMPORT for object type(s) RSPC"

"0 Chains were selected"

The result of that error is that the transport will be marked as red with an RC=8 and the transported process chain will not be activated. You either can activate the process chain in the production system manually (not recommended) or use the following steps to resolve the issue:

the mentioned after-import-method will be executed by client 000 of the target bw-system and this client needs an rfc-connection to the target-system.

  1. open the target bw-system

  2. start transaction RSTPRFC - Create Destination for After-Import

  3. Fill in the requested rfc-connection and save

  4. the transport of the process chain should work now

This SAP-Help-Article (german) helped me to solve the issue: Transport of client dependent objects

In conclusion: the problem marks your transport request with a RC=8 and the solution is to create a destination for the after-import method. In the end you are able to transport process chains without errors.

Kind regards,

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