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Purpose:While creating InfoCube we may use huge number of infoobjects at the same time we may
NOT use all infoobjects in BEx Report .

Disadvantages of holding unused infoobjects in InfoCube:

  • Occupy database space
  • No room for new dimension’s for enhancing InfoCube
    with new infoobjects (Ex Merging new company data with existing cube)

How to identify such unused infoobjects in InfoCube

Step 1: To get list infobojects used in Infocube goto table RSDCUBEIOBJ and give Infocube name execute

                For Mulitprovider use table RSDICMULTIIOBJ

                For DSO/ODS used table RSDODSOIOBJ

                For Infoset use table RSQFOBJ


Step 2: Download all content in excel sheet

Step 3: Use following ABAP Code, it will generate one excel sheet in given path

Step 4: Filter value 1KYFNM with in column E and delete all records and after delete duplicate infoobjects.

Step 5: Compare both sheets infoobjects with VLOOKUP function in excel sheet. (InfoObjects
which are not there in excel sheet which is generated through ABAP program those are unused infoobjects)

RSZ_X_COMPONENT_GET:Function module pull all infoobjects used in report (like in selections, filters and restricted key figures)

CODE Attached to the BLOG.

Note: You may change ABAP code as per your requirement.

Please find the new enhanced ABAP program to display unused infoobjects.

How To Find Unused InfoObjects Part - 1.

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