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"This particular document will helps you in BW support project(BW 7.4 on HANA to BW4HANA), where you have an event based process chain and you don't have any clue where/how the event is triggered."

Issue: The back ground event is not triggered for Process chain ZPC_RSO_FLOW, which is in event based schedule.




In this blog post I write down the necessary steps how to find out the unknown process chain name, where my event is getting triggered.

Author      :   Arun Kumar Natarajan

Company  :  Hinduja Tech Limited

Created on: 23 October 2019

Steps to be followed:

1.The process chain “ZPC_RSO_FLOW” is triggered by using an Event “Z_RSO_TEST” in the start variant.

2.Go to table BTCEVTJOB in SE11:

Enter Event ID Ex: “Z_RSO_TEST

This will give you the Job count details for your event.

3.Go to table “RSPCPROCESSLOG” in SE11:

Enter your Job count “04510502” as below:

Under type: set filter as TRIGGER .This will give the start Variant name of the unknown process chain where the event is used.

4.Go to table “RSPCCHAIN” :

Pass your Start variant name and get corresponding Process chain name.

5.Got to Tcode “RSPC” and check your newly found process chain:

There you can find your actual variant getting triggered in any mode.( In my case: it's a program execution calling function module 'BP_EVENT_RAISE' )

Right click on “Program Execution” and select Display variant.



Event Z_RSO_TEST  is acting as a handshake between ZPC_RSO_DEFFECTS  and ZPC_RSO_FLOW.

Actual Process chain: ZPC_RSO_FLOW

Event Name: Z_RSO_TEST

unknown Process chain : ZPC_RSO_DEFFECTS

We found out the Process chain name ZPC_RSO_DEFFECTS, where the event Z_RSO_TEST is getting triggered.

Note: In my case i used program execution by calling function module 'BP_EVENT_RAISE' to trigger my event on daily basis.

I hope that this blog post is helpful for you.

Thanks a lot for reading this Blog post ?


Arun Kumar Natarajan.
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