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Usually during a HTTP or SOAP incoming calls the iFlow is triggered from either a postman or a 3rd party application or a UI5 application. In such scenarios, it becomes important to know who triggered this iFlow based on which we can decide the following routes or conditions or pick the business path that is needed.

Well SAP doesn’t provide this option straight out of the box, unless we try to tweak the iFlow a bit. Make sure that the following is a part of allowed header under run time configuration in SAP CPI SapAuthenticatedUserName.

Once this has been done, please make sure you use the following expression : ${header.SapAuthenticatedUserName} ; either in Message Header or Exchange Property or Message Body or you can use this in a groovy script. In our case we use it in Message Header and see the data captured in iFlow under Trace mode.

Trace file which we get :




think integration, think integrtr!
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