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Sure that this trick is already know for must of you that work daily with product availability matrix ( friendly named "pam" ), but for me is don't know since some days that I try to find more Technical information about new release of SP10 (before you are able to download SP10), the trick is just to list some sap notes that will be available for next Solution Manager FP2  (SP10), there are 2 options to get that list.

One options is from swdc software download catalog or other from a note advance search selecting product version and SP level and/or expanding stack info inside a SAP Note ( that option is on the last step of the table ).

to find a better way to publih on snc y try to use a table with a thumbnail for the image that you can expand clicking it, and a short description of the step at the left column for that people that love read whitepapers (with poor English) better than scan and screenshot   :smile:

Step DescriptionScreenshot

1.- SWDC

Just open SDWC (software download catalog), select "SAP Software Download center" menu option and on the vertical menu, search for "Support package and patches" -> "Browse our download catalog" and on the right hand select "SAP Technology Components" after you can click on Solution Manager 7.1 and expand the "Solution Manager ABAP Stack"

2.- display SP details

Once you click on "Support packages", you will be the stack list just on the new frame loaded bellow, there you only can see at the last released stack SP8 Stack.

Just search for the last stack  (the first on the list), on that sample process I select stack SP8 "SAPKITL708".

3.- change url paramenter

After you click on the "title" of the SP8 stack you will open a new windows to check the stack properties, that new internet browser windows end with a url parameter like this: ?sp1=SAPKATL708.

4.- discover new objects

Then on the url, just change the last stack number from 708 to 710, and you will be able to see the list from that stack corrections.

I can select SP9, because must of that stack corrections sure that are omitted or included in the next SP10, SP9 are no released.

5.- list notes

Now on the Support Package SAP KITL710, you can see 203 Notes, 2 for BC Basic Components, 200 for SV Services and 1 for Miscellaneous; on that screen you can expand the complete list and lock at each note for get some idea about the new content and some correction to take in consideration before you star playing with SP10.

6.- download list

When the list are loaded you can see a most of SP10 notes, with component, note number, and note correction. that notes are available trough advanced search but don't think that you can download and load to your solution manager (I don't test it).

7.- option 2: from note search

If you try to open a note with you can load that list from "Package name" as indicated on that screenshot from link:

With that list we can see the amount correction are for:
- Custom Code Management
- Change Request Management
- Solution Manager Implementation
- Business Blueprint / Implementation
- Project Administration
- Landscape Management
- Business Process Monitoring
- Content for technical Monitoring
- Solution Directory
- Process Scheduling Management
- Service Desk / Incident Management
- Test Plan Management

And more littler groups with 2 or 3 correction, after a quick read of the list I found something interesting to save when we can go to SP10, like:

- 1724697 - Authorities for UI objects in the assignment blocks

- 1883902- Start Transaction from Solution Manager is dumping in NWBC

- 1871878-Alert Inbox: Gray Icons For EWA of Java Systems

( damn, other grey nightmare like ewa grey xD but this for MAI )

- 1895860-Workload data collector dumps after long runtime

( other workload data collector problem :_( )

- 1875419-ST710:AI_CRM_IM_UPDATE_FROM_SAP has a long runtime

( that's is really interesting if you work with a huge sap message )

- 1876243-Optimize Job REFRESH_ADMIN_DATA_FROM_SUPPOR for one customer

( new and great option for VAR scenario )

- 1885123-Reports to delete Solman Products and related Ibase comp.

(I need that correction now)

well, that post is not really usefull but interesting to know wo is possible to discover corrections before SPx are released, maybe there is other option for that but I don't know.

Hope that can be usefull for someone :wink:

Best Regards,


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