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How to find if a ODATA service is created using a RAP Model from Fiori app library in a standard application :

  • Open the Fiori app Library and select your desired application :'F0702A')/S21OP

  • Applications with the Versions 2021 will be created using the RAP Model

In the below examples you can see the Odata services will be starting with UI_* ( You can identify that this is a Service Binding which is directly exposed using the CDS annotations )

  • Now how to find the service binding and service definition for the Odata Service :

Copy the Odata service and in the eclipse use the below button “Open ABAP Development objects “ and search for the name :


  • Double click on the below service definition

  • It will open the Service binding where you can find the Behavior definitions , CDS Root entity’s and other CDS views that are exposed :

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