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Sometimes it is required also for a functional consultant to know which database table field is behind a native FIORI app field (e.g. for troubleshooting). Unfortunately, I could not find much helpful information regarding this topic on the net. Therefore, after investigating on that topic I would like to share with you an easy guide on basis of FIORI app “Make Bank Transfer” (Fiori ID: F0691) as an example how you can manage to find out the database table/ database table fields behind a FIORI app.



Find the database table field behind FIORI field “Paying Bank Account” within FIORI app “Make Bank Transfer”.



1. Go to SAP Fiori Apps Reference Library and find FIORI app “Make Bank Transfer” (Fiori ID: F0691). Go to “Implementation Information” and then to “Configuration”. Find the relevant OData Service(s) without a …* and copy it to your clipboard.

2. Go to GUI transaction /nSEGW (= SAP Gateway Service Builder) and open FCLM_CASH_BANKTRANSFER (without ending _SRV). Here you have all the details regarding the OData Service.

3. Go to Data Model > Data Source References > Exposures via SADL (confirms that FIORI is based on CDS views which most of the recent FIORI apps developed by SAP are) > Entity Types. Now, find the FIORI app field “Paying Bank Account” in one of the Entity Types within Properties.

In our case C_CashRepetitiveCodeVHType is which we are looking for, copy it to your clipboard.

Please note: In ABAP Field Name information you can see the associated type used within FIORI app and type details like type kind, length and decimals.

4. Go to SE80 > Development Object and search for C_CashRepetitiveCodeVH (without ending TYPE). Choose Data Definition.

5. If you go to CDS database view CMKBTTMPLVH now, you can see the table/ view used for CDS view field “PAYINGBANKACCOUNT”. Double-click on table until you reach the database table behind the initial CDS view.



We found out that behind FIORI field “Paying Bank Account” in FIORI app “Make Bank Transfer” (Fiori ID: F0691) is database table: FCLM_BAM_AMD with according field ACC_NUM. Also, data element, data type, length and decimal information are provided in this screen.

Please note: This procedure can also be used to find out tables/ structures and FIORI field lengths behind FIORI apps.
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