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How To Find DTP from DTP job name

Generally we come across situation when we have to analyze the DTP which triggered the DTP jobs. When we search in SM37 we get jobs like BIDTPR_1680941_1, but we don’t directly get the DTP which triggered them.

I will explain a sure method to get the DTP from this job name.


Step 1. Find BI_PROCESS_DTP_LOAD job which triggered the job BIDTPR_1680941_1.

Jobs like BIDTPR_1680941_1 are triggered by the batch jobs BI_PROCESS_DTP_LOAD, The batch jobs BI_PROCESS_DTP_LOAD are triggered as a result of process chain execution and are event periodic by the System Event RSPROCESS as shown below:

These Batch Jobs subsequently triggers jobs like BIDTPR_1680941_1 , these 2 jobs are linked by an id.

As the job BIDTPR_1680941_1  is subsequent job of BI_PROCESS_DTP_LOAD while searching the corresponding BI_PROCESS_DTP_LOAD for the job BIDTPR_1680941_1 we need to keep the time window closer as of BIDTPR_1680941_1, by searching in this manner we will get the BI_PROCESS_DTP_LOAD for BIDTPR_1680941_1 as clear from job log below:

Step 2. Note the variant id of the program RSPROCESS

This job log has a very important parameter variant of the program RSPROCESS, which is the link between process chain that triggered this DTP job as highlighted below, note down or copy this variant id.

Step 3. Find the details of variant of the program RSPROCESS from the variant id noted in previous step.

Go to T-Code SE38 and enter the program name RSPROCESS and select Variant radio button as shown and press “Display” button as shown below:

Enter the variant id noted in step 2 and press the “Display” button in next screen as shown below:

Step 4. Identify the corresponding process chain and then the DTP.

When we press the “Display” button in the previous step we will get following information:

This clearly indicates the name of the process chain that triggered the job.

Go to the log of process chain run as shown below:

We can note down the DTP request and find it by the T-Code RSRQ as shown below:

To cross verify we can match the Request ID and Run Time from SM37 output as shown below:

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