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Usually when a sample webdynpro is required, we look into the packages like SWDP_DEMO , SALV_WD_DEMO or look for component using *DEMO*.

However when we need a specific UI, above methods wont help much.

In this blog, I am going to explain how to find a existing ABAP webdynpro where a particular UI element is implemented.

Behind each UI, there is an associated class. For example, CL_WD_BUTTON is used for buttons.  Doing a where used list on this class will give us the webdynpro component where it has been used.

Lets try to find out an existing component where Horizontal Contextual Panel is implemented.

  1. Look into the package SWDP_UIEL_STANDARD OR SWDP_UIEL_PATTERN for its class behind. Alternately search for CL*WD* in SE24. Match found: CL_WD_HORIZONTAL_CTX_PANEL
  2. Do where used as shown below

3. List of webdynpro displayed. Choose one and press display button.

4.  You can refer this component on its usage. If component has an application, you can execute and test it as well.

Happy searching... :smile:

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