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I had developed an utility in the past to fetch basic report details, which can be found at the below link,

How To Fetch Report Name, Report Type and Folder Path From SAP Business Intelligence/Objects 3.1/4.0....

In the same way I have now developed this new utility with some extra details.

This utility will help you to fetch report details along with its associated universe and Free Hand SQL connection from SAP Business Intelligence Server Repository.

This utility takes Parent Folder SI_ID as an argument in the command and provides the details of the reports present under it and its sub folders.

Output Details:

Output of this utility will be an excel file which will be saved under the same directory from where you will run it.

Generated file name will have SAP Business Intelligence Server IP, Parent Folder SI_ID, Parent Folder Name which will be used in the command. E.g. 10.X.X.X_23_PublicFolder.xlsx

Generated excel file will have the details in the following format.

1) Report Name
2) Report ID
3) Report Path
4) Obj1 Name => This will either have the dependent universe name or dependent Free Hand SQL connection name.
5) Obj1 Type => This will either have the dependent universe type or dependent Free Hand SQL connection type.
6) Obj1 Path => This will either have the dependent universe path or dependent Free Hand SQL connection path.
7) Obj2 Name
8) Obj2 Type
9) Obj2 Path

Note: If any report has multiple queries using multiple universes or connections then only columns 7, 8, and 9 will have their information or else these columns would be empty.

Following is the command to run this utility.

JAVA.exe -jar ReportUC.jar SAPBIServerIP administrator "Password" Folder_SI_ID

JAVA.exe -jar ReportUC.jar 169.X.X.X administrator "jgkjs%43T#" 1544

Points to Note:
1. Replace the keyword SAPBIServerIP with the IP address of your SAP Business Intelligence Server.
2. Use only enterprise administrator user.
3. Replace the Password keyword with the password of administrator user ID.
4. This utility will work only with Enterprise authentication since it is hard coded in the source code.
5. Replace Folder_SI_ID with the required SI_ID of the parent folder.
6. I have compiled this utility using JAVA 8 so please ensure you have it installed on the system from where you will run it.
7. Please do not use 23 as the PARENT Folder SI_ID as this will take so long to fetch all the report details.
8. Performance of this utility depends on the number of reports present under provided parent folder.
9. If any report does not have any associated universe or connection then the report details will be written in the excel file however other columns will be blank for its associated universe or connection details as shown in the below sample.
10) This utility will fetch the details about Web Intelligence reports only.

Output Sample File:

I have tested this utility on all of our SAP BI4.1/4.2 servers and it worked as expected. Please test it on your servers and let me know the outcome.


~ Swapnil Yavalkar

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