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Recently I had a query, where I had to verfiy the number of records fetch for Bex query in Crystal Reports. In this process fetched the MDX Statement and ran it in MDXTEST transaction.

Now the issue was the report was fetchin 500+ records and the MDX Statement was just executing for first 500 ones so I was stuck. Later I figured it out which is as follows:

  1. Run the report based on Bex query.
  2. Database menu >> Show SQL Query >> copy the query
  3. Log in to SAP GUI
  4. Execute transaction MDXTEST (the transaction is not case sensitive)
  5. Select the repective catalog and cube
  6. Paste the query copied from Crystal Reports in the blank space
  7. You can execute the query using Multidimension or flattening option, however in both the case it would not fetch the entire data if its more than 500 records
  8. Select the option "Run query as Data Stream". This will get all the rows.

For more Information on MDX you may refer the following

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