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I would like to share how you can export the Business Layer objects into an excel document with all the object names in the column

Environment: SAP BI Platform 4.1 Sp6 Patch 4

                      Universe Details: UNX (IDT)

                      Excel: 2013

Login to IDT and export the desired BL to a Text document. Open the text file and save as to a xls file.

Open the xls file. It should be something like this

Select the Column A and go to the Data tab and select Text to Columns. Delimit with a space. Select the destination column where you don't have data in my case I selected G. Click Finish.

Based on how big your object names in business layer you will have data split into that many columns. Quick way is filter and see where your data ends.

Since I only want the object names, I filter my column H with "business". You will see all the H column with businessName.

Now we have got all the objects we just need to do some cleaning.

Remove the column I which will be just ":". My object name goes from J to O.

Now we do the concatenation of J to O with a space cell in between each one. The reason we do this is to have the names in the same format as of Business layer.

Example: if we have an object in BL as First Name, if we concatenate it will look like FirstName. Have a cell with space in between.

So my concatenation looks like


Instead of


Note P10 cell is a space.

Hope this helps!


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