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When you try to export Ajax framework page (AFP) via transport packages it doesn’t get exported. After copying and customizing the original Ajax Framework Page the new page can be added to a transport package but while exporting the package, the entry is removed from the table of content and is not included in the exported file. You are unable to transport Ajax framework page via transport package. As show in below screenshots:

AFP added into transport package

Click “Export” and content is not visible

Affected Environment:

  • NW 7.01 and above
  • NW 7.3x and above
  • NW 7.4x and above

Root Cause:

Content provided by SAP can’t be export and by mistake SAP has provided content under “every user” with prefix, it is impossible to export any object with this prefix.


To overcome this issue, you will have to manually change the ID / prefix of Ajax framework page. Follow the below steps:

  1. Copy AFP from portal_content -> every_user (Portal users) -> general (Standard Portal Users) -> AjaxframeworkContent to your working folder or in same folder. I have copied that into Vendor Portal Framework.


     2.     Right click on AFP and click on change ID


     5.     Change ID prefix from to com.portal or com.<YourCompanyName> or whatever you like


Once this is done, save it and now you will be able to export Ajax framework page new content without prefix.

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