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In this blog post, I will describe how it is possible, to execute a report on the Business Objects Platform, using an end users credentials, and describe the use cases for this feature.

In the example below, we are using SAP Authentication to the BI Platform, and we are using SSO to the connected BW.


If an end user complains over wrong data in a given report, being either SAP Web Intelligence, SAP Lumira or any other product, it can be difficult to trace the error.


With Administrator rights, it is possible to create a new alias to the user, in this case I'm creating a user with the Authentication type "Enterprise"


When we log on the the Business Objects Platform, it is now possible to execute the same report as the user is executing, with the excact same privileges and authorisations as the user, and it should be much easier to trace the error, the user is experiencing.


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