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As i told you in my previous blog i'll be coming up with how to execute a Job in SAP-BODS via Data Services Management Console.

Reference link of my previous blog:

Here everything is same compared to my previous blog but while coming to execution you will be executing via Console.


Why Console?

Yes! you can execute your job in SAP-BODS Designer as referred in my previous blog but sometimes your console may Break Down and you have an urgency to execute your Job then you will have an other option executing it via console.


Till step no:34 Its same as my previous blog (Reference link mentioned above) and while coming to execution part follow the below steps.

Guys i'll continue it as step no:35


Step 35.

Finally its time to "EXECUTE" your job. Here on top of this window you can find a toolbar in which i had highlighted an icon Click that to execute via "Data Services Management Console".

Step 36.

After Clicking on "Data Services Management Console" it takes you to a "Web Page" where you have to fill the required Credentials and then Click “Log On”.


Step 37.

After Clicking "Log On" it takes you to a window where you can perform different functions, but here to execute the "JOB" select the "Administrator".

Step 38.

After Clicking "Administrator" you will be redirected to this page, where on the extreme left side of the page you can find "Batch" Click it you can find all your "Repositories" select your's.

Step 39.

After selecting your "Repository" you will be redirected to your own repository in this case "DS_REPO" is my repository. Here you can either find your JOB in "Batch Job Configuration" or below you have an advanced search as by providing your job name and the date like approximately when you had done it. Click "Batch Job Configuration".

Step 40.

In "Batch Job Configuration" select the JOB which you want to to Execute and then Click "Execute" beside it which i had highlighted.

Step 41.

Then it redirects you to “Execute Batch Job” page. You can modify any changes you want and then click "Execute" below the page which i had highlighted.

Step 42.

Then you can see below the "Execute Batch Job" which i had highlighted your job started successfully now click "Click here" to view the log.

Step 43.

After clicking "Click here" where you be redirected to your Repository in which you can see your "Job Trace Log","Job Monitor Log","Job Error Log" as in this page we are looking at "Job Trace Log" which i had highlighted. As you can see you JOB is completed successfully.

Step 44.

Then if you go on to see your “Batch Job Status” in you Repository you can find the Status of your JOB. If you see a Symbol in “Green Tick Mark” which I had highlighted then your JOB is Successfully Executed.


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