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Many times client want some different output instead of what we are getting from the system, so for that we use value mapping in Cloud Platform Integration (CPI). But the only drawback is when client wants to update the output, they need to send the table again then the consultant update it in value mapping and then we get the output. So the solution for this is if we build one CUSTOM MDF in client system and then we use it in CPI for client requirement, by this later on if client want to update the output they can simply edit the details in custom mdf and get the output on every successfull run from CPI.

The steps for enriching the data of custom mdf in CPI is as follows:

Step 1: Add one content enricher to your CPI and connect the clients system.

Step 2: Create one custom mdf on the client system by giving all the details.

The image is of custom mdf

Step 3: Under content enricher in CPI and fetch all the details which we need from clients system of custom MDF

This image is of the sf odata connection

Step 4: Give the details for which entities field you want to enrich the details in content enricher.

This image is of content enricher

Step 5: Paste the code of xsd file which is generated for your custom mdf in the source file under the field from where you want to enrich the data.

Step 6: Now finally use it in field mapping for getting the output.

This image is of message mapping


Here you have seen how to enrich the data of custom mdf from the client's system directly.

Please let me know if you have any problem regarding the provided solution by commenting or you want to give any feedback on this post.

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