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Hi All,

The aim of this document is to understand how to enable Enterprise Search and Reference to custom Business Objects in Feed functionality within Cloud for Customer .

After looking at section Enterprise Search and Feeds of the blog by  thomas.schneider  I understood the concept. Thanks again for this wonderful Blog.


To be able to search for the Custom Object within the Enterprise Search Option( The Icon below the Home Icon).

To refer to the custom business object by using @

Here I started typing F00 which is the ID of my object and it proposed the object along with its description as well.

Here I started typing "Testing Feed" which is the Description of my object and it proposed the object.


I am taking a very simple BO with below BODL for the Demo Purpose.

businessobject TestFeed {
    [Label("Feed ID")] [AlternativeKey] element FID: ID;
    [Label("Feed Description")] element FDesc: LANGUAGEINDEPENDENT_SHORT_Description;
    [Label("Last Changed")] element FDate: Date;   
    [Label("Feed Haha")] element FMedium: LANGUAGEINDEPENDENT_MEDIUM_Description;

Once the BO is Saved and Activated, create screens using Thing Type as the option, then right click on BO and use Create Query.

This should be done on root node of the BO as other nodes does not have Include in Enterprise Search enabled.

Note: If you do not find the Thing Type input field in above screen you might need to maximize the window for it to appear on the screen. That was the case for me at least.

Anyways system would not let you proceed forward by giving the below popup.

In my example even if I do not have an alternative Key SAP_UUID would be there for Key Field selection.

But for other fields ( Description and Date ) we need to have fields of respective types.

Query Fields Tab:

Query Parameter Tab:

And then finish the wizard, activate the BO.

Now do the adjustments required for your TI, QC QV etc as suggested by Thomas in the blog and create an entry so that you can refer it later.

Go to Feed workcenter and start typing in the ID or the Description of your BO and you should be able to refer to the entry you created.

You can come back to the OWL of your BO and open it to see that the Feeds you posted in the Feed workcenter appear over here in Overview and Feeds Tab.


Feed Tab:

TI Overview Tab:

TI Feeds Tab:


There is also a Feeder button present over here in TI, but I am still trying to figure out a way to make this work so that I can post the Feeds from here itself like in Standard Objects.

As of now I get this beautiful popup asking me to contact the key user

That's all from my end. If you by chance know how to enable this button do post it.

Hope this blog helps you with enabling Enterprise Search and Referring to custom objects( using @ ) with in Feed Tab.



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