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External users are the most restricted user type.

They are guests of your organization and they would be able to access to only the specific private external workspaces to which they have been invited to.

They also access to the dedicated home pages (for external users) and their user profile.

When "External Work Spaces" is enabled you will find the "External" permission option when creating a new Work Space (screenshot below).

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This feature is not enabled by default, make this available could be a little tricky. Below a step by step to enable this feature.

Step by step to enable the Workspaces for external users

  • Go to you r Admin Console > Feature Enablement > Features,

  • Mark"Yes".

Select External Workspace Creation


Immediately a Username and Password will be asked like shown below. This info could be extracted from the IAS panel.


The "Username" and "Password" could be obtained from the SAP Cloud Identity.

For this:

  • Loggin t your IAS Panel

  • Go to: "Applications & Resources"

  • Select your Work Zone Application in the left side panel. (1)

  • Go to: "Applications APIs" and select "Client Authentication".(2)



A new window will appear in your right window, there you will find a section called "Secrets".

If you have taken note of a secret already existing when you created it, you may use that "Username" and "password".

If not, you may create a new one (recommended) by clicking on "Add" (1)

How to create a KEY

A number of options will appear.

  • Insert a "Description" you consider,

  • Expire in: "never",

  • Scope: leave all the options flagged,

  • Press: Save.

The "Client ID" and the "client secret" will be provided, copy them since will be used in the next steps. This info could not be re-obtained.



Go back to your Wok Zone platform and fill the fields as:
Client ID > Username

Password: Client Secret.

If the info is correct the admin console will let you to save changes.

This will enable the "External Work Spaces" feature.

To let new external users access to this external workspaces it's required to assign the BTP role collection "HR_Workzone_External_User". This could be assign through a group usually called "Workzone_User_Type_public" in your IAS.

Hope this blog helps!

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