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The changes in the Financial Accounting Line Items are stored in the table BWFI_AEDAT which enables the BW system to pull the Delta data using the time stamp procedure. As a standard SAP recommendations the extraction from the Financial Accounting Line Items are limited to once a day and hence ad-hoc data loads from the following extractors will bring Zero Records:

  • 0FI_GL_4  - General ledger: Line Items
  • 0FI_AP_4  - Accounts payable: Line Items
  • 0FI_AR_4  - Accounts receivable: Line Items

This document describes the procedure to activate the ad-hoc data loads which will bring the delta data from the line items from the listed data sources into BW.


The FI line item delta Data Sources can identify new and changed data only to the day because the source tables only contain the CPU date and not the time as time characteristic for the change. This results in a safety interval of at least one day.

The standard behavior can be changed. For more information, see note 485958. Follow the Link

Settings to activate Ad-hoc loads:

Frequent data loads into BW from Line Items will allow each extraction can be done more efficiently and this will also reduce the risk of data load failures due to the huge volume of data in the system.

Following Manual Changes in the source system has to be performed in the table – BWOM_SETTINGS:


BWFINSAF = 3600 (for hourly extraction)

With the change in the above parameters the Safety Interval will now depend on the flag of BWFINSAF which is defaulted to 3600 Sec (1hr). And this value can be changed depending on the requirement.

The change in the table against to BWFINSAF and BWFINEXT will lead to ignore the other flags like BWFIOVERLA, BWFISAFETY and BWFITIMBOR.

Flags BWFILOWLIM, DELTIMEST will work like before.


Once the changes are updated in the table, the delta extraction can be initiated in BW which will bring the data loads as per the scheduling done at the Process chain or the ad-hoc manual data loads.


With the new extractor logic implemented you can change back to the standard logic any day by switching off the flag BWFINEXT to ' ' from 'X' and extract as it was before. But ensure that there is no extraction running (for any of the extractors 0FI_*_4 extractors/data sources) while switching.

On the version validity and for more information please refer to the Note: 991429

Side Effects:

There are no side effects in the current versions of ECC but if the source system is of older version like SAP_APPL is between 600 to 605 and 2004_1_46c to 2004_1_500 with the different patch levels then please refer to the note: 1152755 where the data extraction of the following data sources will fail:

  • 0FI_AA_11
  • 0FI_AA_12

This is due to Asset Accounting data sources and FI Line item data sources uses the same Function Modules to fetch and update the time stamps for extraction.

Correction specified in the note: 1152755 have to be incorporated in order to resolve the issue with the AA data sources.

On Controlling (CO) data sources:

Controlling data sources has 2 hours wait time to bring the Delta loads into BW system. To bring the data quickly into BW system following settings can be considered in BWOM_SETTINGS table.

To enable this, make sure that BWFINEXT is blank and flag BWFIOVERLA for FI and MOSTRECENT for CO as X so that the extraction can be initiated.

Following Restrictions are applied:

The underlying DSO's has to have the below objects as KEYS in order to make sure that the data does not get double up by any means:

- 0CO_DOC_NO: Document Number

- 0CO_ITEM_NO: Document Line Item

- 0CURTYPE: Currency Type

- 0METYPE: Key Figure Type

- 0VTYPE: Value Type

- 0VALUATION: Valuation View

- 0CO_AREA: Controlling Area.

Also some of the Controlling data sources are of type Additive Type, which means the transformations for Key Figures need to be changed from Add to Overwrite. Make sure that the regression test is done properly to consider this change.









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